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Wild Unknown Archetypes Deck

Wild Unknown Archetypes Deck

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In this completely unique box set, the renowned author, whose tarot interpretations have reshaped the modern understanding, invites adventurers on a voyage of self-discovery into the depths of the collective subconscious and the realm of timeless symbols, where dreams intertwine with myths.

Within this distinct box set, Kim Krans sheds light on the revealing essence of archetypes—ancient, universal symbols ingrained in the fabric of human experience. Presented in her signature "Wild Unknown" style, a fusion of emotionally stirring line art and vibrant watercolor, The Wild Unknown Archetypes Deck and Guidebook unveils a profound comprehension of our multifaceted personas, behaviors, and inclinations.

Comprising 78 exquisite circular oracle cards divided into four categories—The Selves, The Places, The Tools, and The Initiations—the deck delves into the symbolic richness of each archetype. From The Poet, embodying profound emotional creativity and the quest for authenticity, to The Vision, symbolizing the perpetual journey towards rediscovering our fate, each archetype is chosen for its symbolic potency and inherent lesson. Accompanying the deck is a 224-page guidebook, meticulously crafted and illustrated by Krans, elucidating the significance of every card and providing lucid explanations of the various spreads, rituals, and principles underpinning the Archetypes deck.

As a captivating and inclusive instrument for self-exploration, The Wild Unknown Archetypes Deck and Guidebook will captivate readers intrigued by personal introspection, symbolism, and ancient wisdom. Destined to be cherished as a precious memento, this exquisitely crafted work of art embodies the enigma, charm, and fascination that characterized Krans's previous creations, while introducing an entirely new dimension of magic and profundity to The Wild Unknown.

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