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Tarot Moon Necklace Silver 28

Tarot Moon Necklace Silver 28

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The Moon Tarot Card is a captivating emblem, cloaked in enigmatic layers of symbolism and mystery.

It casts its ethereal glow upon a surreal landscape, featuring a serene pool of water under the moon's watchful gaze, flanked by two towering pillars. This card invites us to delve into the profound realms of the subconscious, unveiling hidden truths, emotions, and fears that lie beneath the surface. Like the moon's phases, it embodies change and cycles, reflecting the dual nature of existence, where light and dark, reality and illusion coexist. Emerging from the pool, a crayfish symbolizes the unexpected surfacing of deep-seated issues, beckoning us to confront and acknowledge our innermost selves. The Moon Tarot Card encourages us to navigate the intricacies of uncertainty, trust our intuition, and embrace the profound complexity of our inner world. In wearing this symbol, you carry a reminder of the enigmatic beauty of life's mysteries and the transformative power of introspection and intuition in every aspect of your journey.


  • Made of durable stainless steel
  • Pendant is approx. 1" x 0.79"
  • Includes 18" chain with 2" extender
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