Spell Jars Large

Spell Jars Large

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Historically used to safeguard and protect oneself from outside harm, spell jars are traditionally filled with herbs, salt, crystals, incense or ash.

The jar is filled with the magickal items of your choosing and then infused with protective energy.

It assists in cleansing and soaking up negative energies that seek to pervade your space.

A good way to activate the jar is to charge it under the light of the moon, thus filling it with potent lunar energy. You can also use visualization or incantation to activate the spell jar.

The best way to use this powerful tool is to define your intent and then meditate on whatever may be! You can then use words of power or cast a spell to further strengthen the magic of the jar. Once finished, the jar can be hidden, buried, cast into water, or kept on an altar.

Each spell jar is handcrafted and cleansed in our crystal shop.

Protection: Salt, Black Obsidian, Selenite, Mugwort.

Abundance: Salt, Green Aventurine, Rutilated Quartz, Thyme and Bay Leaves.

Manifest: Salt, Sunstone and Cinnamon.

Intuition: Salt, Fluorite, Cedar Leaves.

Love: Salt, Rose Quartz, Garnet, Rose Petals. 


.5 ml

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