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Ritual Wand

Ritual Wand

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7 Ritual Wands - Transform your space with the power of smoke cleansing. These bundles are ethically sourced and perfect for incorporating into a ritual or just to use as home decor. These wands are sure to add charm and energy to your sacred space. 


"Burning For You" Wand (w/ Fire Quartz) - Perfect intention setting tool to TRANSFORM ENERGY, IGNITE PASSION, OPEN the Heart Chakra and invite in that HOT JUICY LOVE! 

"Fear Not" Wand (Desert Sage + Leopardskin Jasper) - Burn DESERT SAGE to alleviate anxiety & stress. Leopardskin Jasper will give you strength amidst the chaos.

"Get Lucky" Ritual Wand (Rosemary + Pyrite) is just the spiritual tool to use to jump start your WINNING STREAK! ROSEMARY is known to attract luck, prosperity and abundance. PYRITE is a great stone to work with if you want to develop an abundance mindset and welcome more wealth.

"Hey Boo" Ritual (Yerba Santa + Black Tourmaline) hand-crafted with rose petals, marigold, viburnum, gypsophilia and a nigella pod. To finish off this fall wand is a black tourmaline stone which offers the highest protection level against ENERGY VAMPIRES.

'Witchy Woman' Ritual Wand (Black Sage + Cinnamon Stick + Broom!) -- use this spiritual tool to enhance your sacred and magical witchy rituals. BLACK SAGE, also known as Witch's Herb is a powerful lunar herb that can enhance psychic powers, dreams and visions. Cinnamon is a known strengthener of magical intention.

"Zen + Chill" Ritual Wand (Lavender +Celestite) Lavender induces feelings of calmness and peace, while celestite helps to put your body at ease so you can truly rest and relax. This bundle will be a lullaby for your soul. 

"Purify & Heal" Ritual Wand (Blue Sage + Girasol Opal) is just the spiritual tool to use to heal from wounds of the past and enhance spiritual protection. BLUE SAGE also known as ‘Grandmother Sage’ is great to purify, release negativity and provide spiritual strength. GIRASOL OPAL is a powerful and effective healing stone that will firmly promote healing of your emotional wounds. It will help you feel calm, relaxed, hopeful and optimistic.


To Use: 1. Remove crystal or garnish from wand. 2. Place your Wand on a heat-proof burning surface like a ceramic bowl, shell or pot. Light the bundle until it begins to smoke. 3. Once you have a nice smoke going, use your hand to direct smoke through your space. Visualize the smoke taking away all that which you desire to clear. Once your space is cleaned extinguish your bundle in a heat-proof bowl or vessel.

This SAGE comes from the mountainous regions surrounding California where it is grown on private property, handled very carefully by trained workers and then gently prepared into bundles after it is picked.

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