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Jericho Rose 4

Jericho Rose 4

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The Rose of Jericho, or "resurrection plant" symbolizes transformation, renewal, and prosperity to people of many faiths. People also use it in religious and spiritual practices - sometimes in holy water - to protect against illness and negative energy.

Many cultures are drawn to the Jericho Rose because of its obvious connections to the concept of rebirth. The water that revives the plant is kept to purify practitioners, their ritual tools and their magical spaces. That water is also thought to be able to revive many aspects of a person's life. Rose of Jericho water uses include putting it on doors and doorsteps to bring prosperity and to revive fortunes. Other practices involve simply keeping the plant near the entrance to a business or home as a talisman that invites reviving energies in. In other cultures, it has historically been used by midwives to aid in childbirth and to reduce hemorrhage.

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