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Heart Chakra Crystal Kit

Heart Chakra Crystal Kit

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Set of 4 stones for the heart 🤍


Pink AmethystSoothes and heals the emotional body by surrounding the heart center with soft, loving energy. Calms irritabilities and agitations of heart chakra.

Pink Tourmaline - Yin (fem.) Energy. Can be used to repair "holes" in the auric field created by negative attachments or past abuse. Strengthen the link between Heart and Crown Chakras.

Pink Calcite - Invigorates stagnant energy in the body and acts as an amplifier of all energies. Helps us cultivate unconditional love for all. Will fill one with the inspiration for deep love.

Mangano Calcite - One of the best stones for attracting a mate. Useful in healing trauma and grief. Great for those who have difficulty connecting with their emotions.

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