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Grid Kits

Grid Kits

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The power of a crystal grid comes from the energies of crystals you use, how you lay them out, and the intentions you set.


Use our curated kits to help you begin making your own grid.

Each grid includes 4 Quartz points.

Peace + Relaxation:

4 pieces of Howlite and 4 pieces of Lepidolite

Strength + Courage: 

4 pieces of Red Jasper and 4 pieces of Tigers Eye

Protection + Grounding:

4 pieces of Dalmation Jasper and 4 pieces of Yellow Jasper

Self Love + Confidence:

4 pieces of Rhodochrosite and 4 pieces of Pink Aventurine

Clarity + Focus:

4 pieces of Zebra Jasper and 4 pieces of Fluorite 

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