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Crystal Mug for Love + Connection with Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz Crystals

Crystal Mug for Love + Connection with Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz Crystals

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People have been using Crystal Energy for centuries.

One of the ways to benefit from the healing properties crystals hold is by infusing a drink with that specific energy. This is often done by transferring that energetic property to another substance, in this case, your drink of choice: coffee, tea, water.

This Glass Mug is made of high-quality borosilicate glass that is built to last. This innovative mug features a unique design with a compartment at the bottom, which can hold your favorite crystals securely in place. The compartment is equipped with a bamboo screw-on lid. The bottom loading compartment gives the mug an indirect infusion method. This will allow you to infuse your drink with any crystal, not only water-safe crystals.

The beautiful crystals also create a stunning visual display at the bottom of the mug, making it a unique and eye-catching addition to your drinkware collection.


Love and Connection

Rose Quartz - The essential stone for love. Helps you deepen the depths of your love for yourself and others. Fills your heart with pure, gentle, and loving energy. 

Clear Quartz - Is the stone of spiritual openness and connectedness. It helps bring clarity, light, reflection, and amplification to any intention. It is highly regarded for its crystal-clear clarity and powerful diverse properties. 

Repeat the Affirmation:

"I am a magnet for positive and loving energy, and my heart is open to giving and receiving love abundantly."


| Be Intentional - Make it a Ritual |


Mug Care - Dishwasher safe

Lid Care - Handwash for longevity



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