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Kyanite with Quartz and Garnet

Kyanite with Quartz and Garnet

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Blue Kyanite - Helps you to put your emotions front and center so that you can deal with them head-on. Pushes you towards being proactive about your mental health. Brings throat chakra into alignment. Enhances ability to download info from higher sources. 

Quartz - Stone of Light, bringing heightened spiritual awareness. Most versatile stone due to its energy amplification, programmability and memory.

Garnet - Powerful grounding energy. Intensifies the creative energies, as well as possesses a vibration, which may stimulate you in feeling more positive about your life. Evokes the magic and mysticism energy, and may keep you in touch with the elemental earth forces. Connects you with your very own power you might not have fully realized or used yet.

Stone roughly measures: 7.5" - 3"
All stones intuitively chosen just for you! 

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