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Affirmation Kit

Affirmation Kit

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Crystal confetti jars!

Use in ritual, meditation, altars or as an everyday affirmation reminder. 


Kit comes with 5 different jars focusing on 5 different affirmations and energies within our body.

#1 (Crown + Third Eye) Clear Quartz + Amethyst + Labradorite

"As I connect to my higher self and purpose, I feel protected."

#2 (Throat) Blue Lace Agate + Amazonite + Lapis Lazuli

"I always know the right thing to say because my words are divinely guided."

#3 (Heart) Rose Quartz + Rhodochrosite + Prehnite

"I am worthy of receiving love and sharing my love every day."

#4 (Solar Plexus) Green Aventurine + Citrine + Rutilated Quartz

"I am grateful for all that I have and all that is on its way."  

#5 (Sacral + Root) Carnelian + Red Jasper + Sunstone

"I am confident, bold and I deserve to take up space."


Sold together or separately. 

Each jar is 30ml

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