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$50 Holistic Wellness Bundle

$50 Holistic Wellness Bundle

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Introducing our Holistic Wellness bundle, a divine collection crafted to nurture your complete being, & embraces the essence of nature's purest elements.

Indulge in a rejuvenating botanical experience with our luxurious Botanical Facial Steam, a fusion of Comfrey, Chamomile, Rose, Calendula, Rosehip, Yarrow, and Dandelion Root. Immerse yourself in a sensory journey that cleanses and hydrates, unveiling your skin's natural radiance and vitality.

Pamper your lips with our Poppy and Pout Lip Balm, with a delicious Island Coconut scent. Enriched with coconut oil and natural beeswax, this balm offers an indulgent, nourishing touch for your lips, providing the perfect blend of moisture and botanical goodness.

Elevate your skincare routine with our Jade Facial Roller, a time-honored tool renowned for its lymphatic drainage benefits and taking your self-care to the next level. Enhance the absorption of your facial oils and serums while promoting a serene, radiant complexion. It's a holistic self-care ritual in the palm of your hand.

Adorn your space and elevate your inner harmony with a Desert Rose Selenite. Placed on your vanity, it serves as a guardian, cleansing the energy of your surroundings and instilling confidence and positive self-esteem. Feel the subtle, yet profound, influence on your environment and inner self.

This Holistic Wellness bundle is a gateway to a holistic lifestyle, designed to envelop you in the embrace of nature's bountiful gifts. Embrace the transformative power of these thoughtfully curated treasures and bask in the radiance of a truly balanced, natural approach to well-being.

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