Gift Shopping Guide

We have created a quick gift shopping guide to help ease your life this Holiday Season.
For A Beginner Crystal Lover -
Getting started on a crystal journey can be so exciting but it can also feel super overwhelming if you don't know where to start. There are 5 essential stones we recommend you have as you first start to explore the metaphysical properties of crystals. We have made it easy for you to browse our beginners must haves by clicking here. The 5 stones include: Amethyst, Black Tourmaline, Clear Quartz, Hematite and SeleniteWe also suggest a book about crystals to help you get started. This is our favorite.
For Your Crystal Guru - 
Do they already know everything about crystals and have every crystal you could possibly think of? Well shop our rare crystals here to guarantee putting a unique stone in their ever-growing collection. If that still feels like a gamble, grab them a new Oracle or Tarot Deck. You know what they say, a new deck is best when it's gifted. 😉
For Any Deserving Mom -
If you have a mom or any lady in your life that deserves to be showered with love, now is the time! Self-care can be hard to squeeze in at times, so we have laid out a few gift ideas that'll encourage this mama to prioritize time for herself without feeling guilty about it. Here is our most popular rose quartz facial roller essential to any skin regiment. Pair this herbal calming bath tea with a ritual candle for top notch relaxation.  
For Someone Interested In Holistic Living -
Starting a holistic health journey can seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be! There are many small steps you can take to start living a healthier, more balanced life. We have put together a list of tools to jump start that journey. Essential oils, adaptogens and sound bowls are a few valuable tools to get anyone started on a healthier path.
For A Kid Interested In Rocks -
A fan favorite is our $10 mystery bag, what kid doesn't love a surprise? The idea is that the crystals select you! Our Inner Compass Kid Deck is a unique and wonderful tool. It reminds children that they are loved; that we have to take good care of each other and the earth. Last but not least a reliable Gift Card (valid online + in store) because what little rockhound doesn't love picking out their own unique stones.
We hope you enjoyed the guide, if nothing resonated shop our whole store here.
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