Full Moon Ritual | Charging Your Crystals

Hey there, magical beings! 🌕✨ The full moon is just around the corner, and it's the perfect time to recharge those beautiful crystals of yours. Here at Juniper Stones, we're all about making spiritual practices fun, inviting, and accessible for everyone. So, if this is your first time charging your crystal under the Full Moon let us help guide you and remember there are NO RULES with crystals.

So, let's dive into a simple full moon ritual to get your crystals buzzing with energy! ⚡

Why the Full Moon?

First things first, why do we charge crystals under the full moon? The full moon is when the moon's energy is at its peak, making it a powerhouse for cleansing and recharging your crystals. This luminescent lunar phase helps to amplify the natural properties of your stones, giving them an extra boost of vibrancy and potency. Missed the exact night? No worries! The full moon's energy is potent for a few days before and after, so you have some wiggle room.

Get Ready for the Ritual ⇩

What You’ll Need (some is optional):

  • Your favorite crystals
  • Sage or palo santo (or any herb you like for cleansing)
  • A bowl of natural water (rain or spring water is the best!)
  • Sea salt (optional, but awesome for extra cleansing)
  • A cozy spot where the moonlight will hit
  • A journal and pen for those deep, reflective thoughts

Step-by-Step Full Moon Ritual

1. Cleanse Your Space Create a sacred environment by lighting some sage or palo santo. Let the cleansing smoke fill the air, setting a positive vibe for your ritual. Visualize any negative energy being swept away, leaving only peace.

2. Cleanse Your Crystals Before charging, give your crystals a good cleanse. You can cleanse them with sage or palo santo smoke, soak them in natural water with a pinch of sea salt (just be sure they’re water-safe), or even bury them in the earth for 24 hours to ground them depending how dull the crystals feel.

3. Set Up Your Charging Space Find a spot where your crystals can soak up the moonlight, like a windowsill, balcony, or outdoor area. Lay them out on a cloth or tray in a pattern that feels good to you.

4. Set Your Intentions Take a moment to sit quietly and reflect on your intentions. Hold each crystal and think about what you want to manifest or release. Jot down these intentions in your journal. This helps to focus the energy.

5. Charge Those Crystals! Place your crystals in the moonlight. Speak your intentions aloud, something like, "I charge these crystals with the full moon's energy to cleanse and amplify their natural properties." Let them bathe in the moonlight overnight.

6. Morning After Care Retrieve your crystals in the morning before the sun gets too strong. Take a moment to thank the moon for its energy and reflect on your intentions. Feel the renewed energy in your crystals!

7. Use Your Charged Crystals Integrate your recharged crystals into your daily life, meditations, or spiritual practices. Regularly charging your crystals under the full moon keeps their energy vibrant and effective.

FAQs About Charging Crystals Under the Full Moon

Q: How do I charge my crystals on a full moon? A: Lay them out in a spot where they can soak up the moonlight. Set your intentions, speak an affirmation, and let them sit overnight. Easy peasy! Anyone can do it!

Q: Which crystals cannot be charged in moonlight? A: Most crystals are moonlight-friendly! But always check specific care instructions. Selenite, for example, is sensitive to water but loves the moon.

Q: What do you say when charging crystals? A: Any affirmation that resonates with you. Try something like, "I charge these crystals with the energy of the full moon, to cleanse and amplify their natural properties." There is no write or wrong thing you can say, just know how powerful your words are.

Q: What crystals can you put out on a full moon? A: You can put any crystals out! I always like to take the crystals that feel lethargic and need a little boost of energy, or any crystals I plan on working with the upcoming Lunar Cycle. But again, trust your gut!

Feel free to tailor this ritual to suit your own spiritual journey. This guide is here to help inspire you, because we know working with crystals is a deeply personal experience, and every interaction is meaningful!

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