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Crystal Grids 101


A quick and easy guide on how to create a crystal grid.

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Crystal grids are incredibly magical and powerful ways to manifest your dreams and intentions.

A crystal grid is powerful because of the combined energies of the crystals that you use, the way you lay them out, and the intentions that you set.
In layman‘s terms, a crystal grid is a special arrangement of crystals, stones and other nature elements laid out with intention to manifest a specific desire.
There are no real hard rules when it comes to creating your Crystal grid. It’s best to let your intuition guide you and work with what your heart feels called to.
Some people like to use cloth or wood with sacred geometry and mystical designs on them, others like to include elements from nature like flowers and leaves and twigs and herbs, some people choose their stones based on the specific properties of the individual crystals and how they relate to each other, but again there is no wrong way to put together your Crystal grid.
To make the process easy for you, we’ve created a super simple guide to creating your first crystal grid.

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1. Set your intention! Some people like to write their intention down on a piece of paper and place it under the central stone in their grid . Intentions might be abundance, manifesting love, etc.
2. Pick the crystals you’re going to include in your grid. You might want to keep in mind the intention you set and choose crystals that align with bringing that intention to life! Certain crystals correspond with certain things... do your research!
3. Cleanse your crystals and your sacred space so that your grid lives in a purely magical environment - helping to bring your manifestations to life.
4. You can work from the inside out or the outside in, whatever feels best for you. Start placing your crystals down in an arrangement that feels intuitive to you. Again some people really love to use sacred geometry here as it gives them an easy guide, but you can absolutely do this free hand as well. 5. Once you’ve arranged all of your crystals in a way that feels good and intuitive to you the last step is to activate your grid! One way to do this is by using a clear quartz points in touch each crystal on the grid with the points trying invisible line to connect each Crystal to the other!
6. Viola!

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