The Witches Are Watching 👀🔮 A Community Happy Ending

Our Redding community solved the crime and we are giving you a chance to win the loot. 🤭😏

Picture this: a regular Saturday at our cozy crystal shop. The vibes are chill, the energy’s good, and then, bam! It suddenly becomes more intriguing than your average day.

So, it’s 1:15 pm on December 2, 2023. Our crystal guardian (aka an employee) calls in with the scoop, “They were straight up robbing us, sticking things in their pockets!”

Our employee took the matter into her own hands, chasing down the culprits and, get this, actually managing to retrieve some stolen treasures from the pockets of one. Who knew crystal theft could be a pocket-sized surprise? 

In an unexpected move, we decide to share the story on social media, and our crystal community responds faster than you can imagine. Calls, messages, and notifications pour in minutes after sharing, turning our crystal enthusiasts into the neighborhood watch. Sherlock Holmes, who?

One of the parents calls in, horrified by the situation. They promise to bring back the trio for a return of the loot and an apology. Imagine a heartfelt drama entrance.

Our new “Crystal Clue Crew” is ready for their arrival. But hold on to your crystals—this is where it gets unexpectedly heartwarming. The parent, insists on not just returning the stolen goods but buying the entire stash! And guess what? They want us to donate it or keep it. Cue the heartwarming family moment. 



So, here’s the deal: because of this unexpected result, we’re feeling the love and want to share it back with you, our crystal fam for the holidays! We thought about giving away the stolen merch, but let’s be real—loads of chapsticks and crystal phalluses might not be everyone’s cup of tea. 😅

Instead, we’re giving away a crystal that won’t land you in a surprising scenario. Want in? Just drop your email in the form above, and you’re in the running for a crystal before Christmas! Good luck, crystal comrades.
Here’s the scoop for all you aspiring crystal burglars – messing with witches’ crystals isn’t just a no-no; it’s a fast track to a cosmic curse. They might seem like a quick steal, but oh, dear friend, the cosmic ledger has a way of balancing its own scales.

Let this be a lesson: stealing might seem like a crystal-clear plan, but karma has its own way of intervening. What goes around comes around, ideally in the form of sparkly crystals like this giveaway! ✨


xx Juni Team

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