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The King of Pentacles Protection Mist

The King of Pentacles Protection Mist

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The King of Pentacles represents the energy of stability, nurturing, groundedness and security. He is deeply connected to the Earth and is abundant in all material aspects.

 The King of Pentacles Protection mist is a Reiki infused blend of essential oils to be used around you or in your space when you're feeling off balance and ungrounded. This mist can also be used when you are in need of extra spiritual protection.

 Cinnamon: Raises spiritual vibration and produces protective spiritual barriers. Supports prosperity and invites financial gains. 

 Clove: Often used to banish and ward against hostile or negative forces. Helps with divination and is linked to healing and protection.

 Orange: Promotes relaxation and can bring joy and happiness. 

 Nutmeg, Ginger, & Vanilla: Used to bring luck and attract prosperity.

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