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The High Priestess Energy Cleansing Mist

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The High Priestess represents divine knowledge, clarity, and trusting your intuition. She is devoted to her spiritual practice and is the embodiment of sacred wisdom.

 The High Priestess Energy Cleansing Mist is a Reiki infused blend of Organic Essential Oils to be used in preparation of spiritual practices (meditation, divination, etc.)  or any time of day when you feel the energy around you is stagnant and needs to be refreshed.  

Frankincense: Promotes a sense of peace, relaxation, groundedness and connectedness. It's perfect for getting into a meditative, spiritual state.

 Lemongrass: Can be used to enhance your mental clarity, awareness & focus, as well as cleansing your space. It also helps in psychic work when trying to open up communication to the other side. 

 Cedarwood: Grounding & Protective. Assists with meditation by calming & quieting the mind. 

 Peppermint: Keeps energy clear & fresh. It is associated with healing and driving away negative vibes. Is used often in divination practices. 

 Lemon: Removes spiritual blockages and promotes mental clarity by awakening the inner self.

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