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Cedez Tarot

Sleepy Moon Relaxation Mist

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The Moon in Tarot can represent illusions, your subconscious & honoring Lunar cycles. The Moon holds up a mirror helping you to reflect, surrender and embrace your true self.

When creating Sleepy Moon we wanted a blend to help get people out of that Moon type energy where you’re feeling frazzled and can’t relax because of everything on your mind.

Lavender brings its calming relaxing energy and improves sleep quality. Vanilla is known to reduce restlessness & Bergamot has both calming and uplifting abilities.

Sleepy Moon Relaxation Mist is a blend of organic essential oils that can be used to promote relaxation before bed, or anytime you need to wind down and chill. The Bergamot in this blend it the perfect medium to balance out the Lavender and Vanilla so they don’t overpower one another.

Lavender: Induces a state of calm serenity. Is also known to improve sleep quality

Bergamot: Has both calming & uplifting abilities. Alleviates stress and anxiety.

Vanilla: Is known to have a mild sedative effect on the body. Helps to reduce hyperactivity and restlessness.

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