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Juniper Stones

Milky Quartz with Tourmaline

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Milky Quartz:

Due to it's appearance being similar to that of the white ground after snowfall, this stone has been seen to symbolize purity, as pure as the fresh snow after it has fallen from the sky. It is seen to invite in an essence of innocence, which makes it especially helpful in making decisions. This aids in making decisions from a pure, innocent state, as if you were purely following your innate intuition and desires. Quartz is also a great amplifier. 

Pairs well with lepidolite and blue lace agate

Chakra: All

Green Tourmaline:

Yang(Masc.) Energy. Self healing powerhouse! A stone that's beneficial to all things that live and grow. So it can be used to  enhance gardens and houseplants. Gateway stone to the Devic Realm 

 Pairs  well with Quartz  

Chakra: Heart

 Physical: Promote Cell Health

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