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Wild Return

High Priestess Meditation + Divination Ally

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  • Intuition - Trust - Guidance

    This meditation tincture will help you tune into the vibration of your third eye, opening you up to divine guidance while strengthening your psychic powers. Its bitter flavor heals stagnation and calms the nervous system - our greatest asset as witches. Use it as a tool for tapping into your intuition with deep trust and reverence to the wisdom of spirit.

    Chakra: Third Eye
    Name: Ajna (“to perceive and command”)
    Planet: Moon
    Tarot: High Priestess, The Moon, The Star
    Element: Light
    Purpose: Pattern recognition
    Basic Right: To see
    Demon: Illusion
    Identity: Archetypal
    Orientation: Self-reflection
    Mantra: I see clearly and I’m open to the wisdom from within

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