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Daily Adaptogen Herbal Supplement

Daily Adaptogen Herbal Supplement

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The herbs in this special formula work to deeply nourish and repair the nervous system on a cellular level. The foundation of Daily Adaptogen is the queen of nervous system tonics, Milky Oats. It is paired with a team of adaptogens that work on the adrenal glands to smooth out the bodies response to stress. Using herbs to manage stress is one of the best ways we can prevent illness. Over time, stress can wear down our immune systems, creating a host for disease. These adaptogenic herbs protect us from day to day stress so that we can live a more resilient life.**

Our herbs are processed fresh from the field to create vibrant, potent, and energetically rich plant medicine. We grow our herbs using methods that create optimal soil health. Healthy soil = healthy people!

Contains: Milky Oats*, Ashwaganha*, Holy Basil*, Reishi mushroom*, Organic cane alcohol, Spring Water

*Grown by Heartsong Herbs using regenerative organic methods

Suggested use: Shake well. Add 40-60 drops in water up to 3 times a day

2 oz/60 ml


Excerpt: Heartsong Herbs

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